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Cornucopia Collection™

Anyone who has ever spent time with young children knows that the right book at the right time can influence behavior.

Storybooks have been used to prepare a child for their first trip to the hospital, to help navigate through their emotions associated with the loss of a pet, friend or relative, and to prepare for the arrival of a new sibling.

Reading the story within the context of real life drama gives the story an emotional “charge” that leaves a strong impression and can influence behavior.

Cornucopia Collection™ is a growing collection of storybooks that include food in the storyline. Each story is accompanied with an activity to provide the “charge” that engages children in learning about and enjoying good food, all in support of positive and healthy food choices.

Cornucopia Collection™ books and activities can be used in context with other valuable experiences including:

• Planned activity with Parent, Grandparent or Caregiver
• PTA events, Garden Events, Museum Programs, Church Events etc
• After-school Enrichment Programs
• Library Readings
• Bookstore Readings

How to Burn Water™

Culinary basics for the newly graduated

Graduating from school is a significant turning point in every young adult’s life.

Whether the next step in their personal journey includes going to college or entering the workforce; traveling or engaging in a NGO mission; entering the military or even staying home; REGARDLESS, upon crossing that threshold with High School diploma in-hand, there is an increased chance that the young adult will sooner than later be in a position where they will have to prepare and cook a meal, on their own, to satisfy themselves, or to impress others.

With fewer schools equipped with working kitchens, and diminished opportunities to even audit a “home ec” class, many young adults launch into this next chapter of their lives with little knowledge of culinary basics, and few skills.

How to Burn Water™ offers culinary experiences to change that.

Fears will be conquered, curiosity will be encouraged, ignorance will be transformed into knowledge, and experience will instill basic ability and skill.

Food Muse Media can create, produce and deliver an educational / festive event for K-12, community college, college, and university settings including:

• Craft a curriculum
• After school program
• In school assembly
• Panel discussion


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