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Cornucopia Collection™

Cornucopia Collection™ is a curated collection of storybooks that include food in the storyline. Each story is accompanied with an activity to provide the “charge” that engages children in learning about and enjoying good food, all in support of positive and healthy food choices.

Cornucopia Collection™ books and activities can be used in context with other valuable experiences including:

We do events with Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers
• PTA Events, Garden Events, Museum Programs,

Church Events etc
• After-school Enrichment Programs
• Library Programs
• Bookstore Programs

For a private event or to sponsor an event in your community:

  • Taste Workshops – Tasting good, fresh food is the first step towards learning to make healthy food choices.

We offer children of all ages a wide range of tasting workshops to experience how delicious, healthy food tastes. Taste workshops also include art activities, writing activities, and books from the Cornucopia Collection.


  • Basic Cooking Class: “How to Burn Water”

Especially valuable for junior and senior high schools students in preparation for leaving home.

  • We develop cross-curricular classroom modules with a focus on food to include geography, math, fine art, literature, film, culture, and more.


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