Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper

Family life is our first experience of collaboration. It’s also where can learn that  collaboration also includes shifting roles. Who is first one day, yields to being second the next; who gets the “plum” job one day, is then sidelined– for awhile. Family harmony is challenged, valued and preserved.        pumkinsoup

The kitchen can be a terrific laboratory to explore all aspects of collaboration.

Pumpkin Soup, by Helen Cooper shows us the struggles and attitudes  that can arise when even the closest of friends are compelled to shift roles, and struggle to preserve their closeness and friendship.

ACTIVITY: When making a family meal; a pot of soup or a dessert, shift roles. Let the younger ones finally crack the egg and stir the batter; finally let the next in line peel the vegetables and chop, safely. Trusting   children in the kitchen, under careful supervision,  can give them confidence that will serve them well in other areas of their life.


Arlington, VA

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