Feeding Friendsies

Feeding Friendsies

Feeding Friendsies, written and illustrated by Suzanne Bloom is indeed friendly, and charming. The text, accompanied by delightful watercolor illustrations, take the reader through a series of earnest and imaginary “meals” concocted by a bunch of children fully engaged with simply playing outside. Bugs and dirt, and sun and leaves, and twigs and things get mixed together and offered up as feasts for bunnies, bears and lambs. Their hard work of all that play is rewarded with a feast of their own.

ACTIVITY: Give the children in your care some safe tools they can use outside to “cook up” some treats for the critters in the yard, or in their imaginations; bowls, spoons, pots ….. Collect the recipes the children make up. Have the children do the illustrations.


Arlington, VA

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