America’s White Table

“The table” has long been a  stage for ritual and ceremony. Memories of many religious and secular holidays are cherished and remembered by the special foods shared at the dining table.

America's White Table

America’s White Table offers  the civilian world a glimpse at how war veterans honor each other. In a simple and elegant manner, The Remembrance Table was initially created in honor of the MIA/POWs of Viet Nam. It has become a custom  to honor the soldiers of wars since. Building around the symbolism of “a meal never to be eaten” you may see a remembrance table on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, or other occasions to honor the Armed Forces.

THE ACTIVITY: Parties and holidays usually have a light-hearted, celebratory quality. America’s White Table is an excellent opportunity to introduce young children to how food can be  used to express honor and respect. Together you can create a symbolic “meal” or table setting in honor of someone important to your family life; a fireman who died in the act of duty, a teacher…  anyone who stands out as having made a contribution to the community.

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Arlington, VA

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