Applesauce Season

Totally delightful, scrumptiously inviting, and  laced with engaging subtleties… Applesauce Season (Roaring Brook Press) is a wonderful book, year round.  Of course, we’d expect no less from the late Eden Ross Lipson, former children’s book editor for the New York Times (illustrations by Mordicai Gerstein).

Children  hear the names of over 10 different kinds of applesApplesauce_Seasonidentify intergenerational relationships, witness how different family members have distinct jobs in  bringing food to the table for all to enjoy, and, as Eden shares on the backflap,  children can also sense how “…habit can become family traditions, without anyone noticing.”

The recipe for this family’s applesauce is given at the end of the story.

ACTIVITY: MAKE APPLESAUCE ! Find out what “habit’ has become  family culinary tradition in your family. Write up your family’s culinary traditions, illustrate, and send out to all your family members and friends.


Arlington, VA

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