Bean Appetit

Bean Appetit, Shannon Payette Seip and Kelly Parthen, 2009 Andrews McMeel

Bean Appetite

This book is FABULOUS !! Just as some of the great children’s tv programs  have clever puns and punches to keep the adults engaged; Bean Appetit will keep the adults happy in the role of  sous chef .  The authors have thought of everything, including  conversation starters for dinner conversation- such as a turn on that old conceit ; “if you were the hungry caterpillar, what is the last food you would eat before building your cacoon?”

No need to suggest activities. Each chapter is full of  stuff that invites curiosity and delight;  art projects, movement and dance dalliances, things to read, all wrapped around easy -to-follow recipes of good, healthy,  visually appealing food.  Bean Appetit IS hip and healthy!

Bean Appetit


Arlington, VA

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