Charlie and Lola’s I Will Never NOT EVER Eat a Tomato

Charlie and Lola’s I WILL NEVER  NOT EVER EAT A TOMATO, by Lauren Child, Candlewick Press.

I will never eat a tomato! This  pop-up book, supreme, with big, sturdy pages,  is colorful and crafty and a great way to counter a child whose first response to food is NO. We’ve all met children like this. In the past parents have resorted to all sorts of trickery; like burying spinach in mashed potatoes, just to get some greens down. But here, Charlie uses imagination to seduce his sister to eat, and enjoy peas, carrots, potatoes, and even the dreaded tomato, aka “moonsquirters.”

One problem, if  you live in an area of high humidity, practice manipulating the paper constructions before reading aloud with children to ward off frustration. Humid, sticky weather can gum up the dials, flaps, and tabs.

ACTIVITY: Pull out various fruits and vegetables. Identify them by their assumed name; eggplant, zucchini, banana, lemon, etc. but– based on their shape, color, texture, and smell, come up with imaginative new names. Moonsquirters, Cloud Fluff, Green Drops…. use language to whet the appetite, and expand young pallets.

You can purchase Charlie and Lola’s I WILL NEVER NOT EVER EAT A TOMATO


Arlington, VA

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