Dinner Time By Jan Pienkowski

Dinner Time By Jan Pienkowski, Candlewick Press.

As a concept, the food chain teaches us about prey and predators; one of those “cruel but true” concepts we often struggle over teaching children. But frequently, to our horror and surprise, young children relish it. They understand the dramatic struggle  between the powerless and the powerful that transcends any sense of “fairness.”

Dinner Time

Jan Pienkowski understands the delight children have when such battles include some  gruesome and  gory details,and that’s what he’s serving in Dinner Time.

Through an imagined short time frame in the on-going battle for survival in the natural world, children will swallow the concept of prey and predators through boldly colorful, 3-d pop-up illustrations.

ACTIVITY: Trace the food chain of some  foods you serve for dinner time. Bring the concept outside to watching birds, worms, insects, etc.

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