Easy as Pie

Easy as Pie: By, Cari Best; Pictures by Meissa Sweet, Farrar Straus Giroux


I love this book!

After  you suspend reality  and accept that  Jacob’s Easy-On Oven really bakes– this delightful book illustrates many real life lessons as Jacob  follows Chef Monty’s Baking Rules in the process of creating his first  pie (which happens to be peach, and happens to be presented to his parents on their anniversary, even though the baking process has the entire family delayed in going out to Alfredo’s to celebrate the anniversary).

But with all that information disclosed, the story is not spoiled.

Your children will recognize Jacob’s  myopic focus, his rhythms, and his ingenuity.

And you will relish the opportunity to instill some good kitchen habits, as delivered by Chef Monty, and received by Jacob, such as; Always finish what you start; Don’t give  up, even when what you’re making doesn’t look the way it’s suppose to; and, of course, A happy baker bakes a happy pie.

Activity: Make pie! Or bake a cake, or make a hat, or make an apron, or make placemats… whatever; but have a hands-on creative activity and invoke Chef Monty. His rules support the creative process, in whatever medium (even those that are inedible). But if you keep the activity in the kitchen they ALL make direct sense, including; Always leave  your kitchen the way you found it!


Arlington, VA

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