How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?

How Did That Get In My Lunchbox? Opening with a “hats off” to Barbara Kingsolver and that frequently used quote,

” food doesn’t grow in stores!”, Chris Butterworth (yes, that’s the name, Butterworth!) deconstructs a highly recognizable lunch in a highly recognizable lunchbox; sandwich, cookie, fruits, some veggies and apple juice.


With  a rather retro looking style, in a contemporary “infographic” sort of way, children can easily see that the food in the lunch pale comes from that combination of agriculture + labor + processing. This exploration in deconstruction does not give a nod to the mom, dad, sibling, or caregiver who assembled this take out meal, but the point is well stated.

ACTIVITY: DECONSTRUCTION TIME! Where does anything come from? A bicycle, or a computer, a jacket, a baseball…  a toothbrush… any and all inanimate objects in a child’s life is the result of some process, work, ideas and commerce. This book is an excellent vehicle for  exploring, ascertaining and thinking about the stuff in our lives. Consider choosing one evening a week and select a few everyday objects. Deconstruct where they came from. Draw your own “infographics”.


Arlington, VA

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