Ice-cream Cones For Sale!

Invention has various mothers. Necessity is one. Serendipity is another.
Elaine Greesnstein’s book, Ice-cream Cones for Sale! has fun with the facts while challenging the reader’s imagination about the creation of the ice-cream cone.  Plausible bumps into probable which collides with most possible. Regardless, it’s an informative and fun read, which will be even better if read while consuming one’s favorite flavor ice cream!

ACTIVITY: Select some items in the kitchen, include edible as well as kitchen tools (vegetable peelers, potato ricer, cuisinart…). speculate as to how the item was invented. Allow yourself to imagine lees plausible to the highly probable. And be sure to allow for serendipity!

Ice-Cream Cones For Sale!
Ice-Cream Cones For Sale!


Arlington, VA

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