Compost Stew, by Mary McKenna Siddals

Compost Stew, Mary McKenna Siddals, Tricycle Press

I know, I know, I know, I know– there’s a push in children’s publishing away from the sing-songy-rhyme-type text that, for whatever reasons, many, many…. all too many writers think is appropriate for children’s books. Some book agents have even posted in their guidelines: NO RHYMING ! PLEASE!!!

Compost Stew

But, then we have Compost Stew, “bouncy verse” that keeps the pages turning, while  the eyes gobble up the collage illustrations, taking in  the details…… all those recycled objects and materials put to good use to make the link between the visuals and the content.

And even though the sing-songy-rhyme is no longer de regeur, it does help get the message across, especially the part about including lint from the clothes dryer, which always surprises some.

So for a quick lesson in composting, Compost Stew does the trick !

ACTIVITY: Of course, start a compost pile in the classroom or at home. Also, recycle materials and transform them into art works. Making collages and sculptures with recycled materials is a great adventure into exploring form and function,  shape and pattern, color, and design.

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