June 29. 1999


June 29, 1999, by David Wiesner, Clarion Books. The title refers to the day when a young female scientist launches a bunch of vegetable seedlings into the sky for a science project. Weeks later gigantic alien vegetables bombard the entire country, landing in cities, towns and on rural lfarms. Our heroine realizes there is no direct correlation between her experiment and the vegetable invasion, and her curiosity continues.

ACTIVITY: Launch a science experiment at home with vegetable seedlings. Set up some pots in different locations; and see if the plants grow at different rates with different amounts of sun, water, etc. Feed some seedlings plant food, and compare the growth rates with plants which do not get plant food. Go to market and select the largest vegetables you can find. Make an Alien Salad (you have to read the book to understand)


Arlington, VA

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