Let’s Eat, by Ana Aamorano

Lets.Eat_                         This book is yummy.

Everything about this book exudes the warmth that swirls  around when a family gathers for the meals together. For this family, everyone gathers every day at 2 PM at the table Papa made. But this family is full of life and love that invariably someone is too busy doing something they love  to join. “Ay, que pena!” sighs Mama as gazpacho, empanadas, sardinas, palella,  and other whole and wonderful food is served and shared.

It’s a feel good time, all around.

ACTIVITY: Make it a point to have family meals together, with no texting, email, or other electronic distraction. Instead- try singing a song. Singing will bring to your family meal the warmth that exudes from Let’s Eat!


Arlington, VA

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