Little Pea, by Amy Kruse Rosenthal


Little PeaLittle Pea is a testament to the  ingenuity of adult seduction to entice   children to eat vegetables.

Little Pea turns the tables on the normal reward system.

Taste, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Little Pea tries to get the eyes of the little one’s watching this tale to: Behold, Spinach !

Here is Little Pea.

ACTIVITY: Have a party for Little Pea.  Everything green! Dress as Little Pea (a small green cap will do), green socks, green dots on cheeks… and serve GREEN FOODS – especially Little Pea’s F A V O R I T E food.. SPINACH!! Make and send a birthday card to Little Pea, send a Thank you to Little Pea for introducing the pleasures of ALL THINGS GREEN, especially SPINACH! Celebrate Little Pea!


Arlington, VA

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