Mice and beans

Mice and Beans, written by Pam Munoz Ryan, illustrated by Joe Cepeda, 2001, Scholastic Press, New York


mice and beans

Mice and Beans shows the powerful role food plays within families and culture, how food is part of our identity. The author shares with us the love and good feelings she had as a child at big, noisy family gatherings in her grandmother’s small house. It’s a delightful story of a grandmother giving a birthday party for her youngest grandchild.  Not only does Mice and Beans provide a recipe for rice and beans, but there’s also a glossary and pronunciation guide for the Mexican words used in the story.

Activity: Mice and Beans creates the opportunity to explore the cultural context of food, both within your family and beyond.  Who are the “good cooks” in your family? Tape record family members talking about recipes and  your family food traditions.  Create a multimedia family cookbook using photographs, audio recordings, stories and recipes (of course!)  Extend the same interest to friends who come from other cultures.

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