My Foodie ABC

foodabc       Nutrition can often take over a conversation about  food, particularly one about what children are eating.Keeping the spotlight on nutrition tends to marginalize  the value of taste – which, far from a naughty pleasure, is core to embracing a healthy  relationship to food and food culture.  Though young taste buds tend to favor sweet, we know that exposing them to a range of tastes and flavors helps create a healthy palate, makes one a better guest at a dinner table later in life, and sows the seeds for respecting the personal and cultural habits of others.

My Foodie ABC by Puck, illustrated by Violet Lemay, is a great way to introduce young children a range of tastes, flavors, and textures of different and unusual foods.

Though the term “foodie” can connote a food snob, but  My Foodie ABC creates a democratic landscape, making the exotic as accessible as apple pie…. Opah, Nopales, Quinoa…….Radicchio… no longer words just for gown-ups.

Oh, and there’s a companion book of placemats for doodling and drawing!







ACTIVITY: Make a Family Foodie ABC book. What unusual foods does your family explore? Make an illustrated dictionary of them!


Arlington, VA

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