Oliver’s Milkshake

Oliver’s Milkshake, written by Vivian French, illustrated by Alison Bartlett, Orchard Books, an imprint of Scholastic, 2001, New York, is a charming story of how Aunt Jen, mortified when seeing her niece and nephew drink orange soda for breakfast, takes Oliver and his sister Lily on a hunt for all the necessary fresh ingredients to make a “yummy scrummy fruity frothy icy nicy tip-top tasty dreamy creamy milk shake.”

Oliver's Milkshake

Oliver’s Milkshake is a testament that fresh food can revolutionize a child’s experience of taste. In the boy’s own words, “ This is scrumptious!”

Activity:Imagine different family members and friends as fruits. What sort of fruit are you? Do you feel more like an apple? An orange? A cumquat? A raspberry? Is your mother more of a strawberry or a banana?

Make “portrait” milkshakes that represent your family and friends.  Experiment with different combinations. Name your milkshake creations after family and friends and use.

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