The Gardener, by Sarah Stewart

The Gardener, by Sarah Stewart with illustrations by David Small, Farrar Straus Giroux.

The Gardener

This story is  more than a seasonal offering in honor of spring. It’s a story that can sow the seeds of courage, with an appreciation of  the transformative power when we  integrate imagination, with gratitude and appreciation.

Lydia Grace has to leave her home in the country as her parents struggle through  the tough times of the Great Depression. While she is staying with her grumpy uncle in the city, her pluck and grace  brightens the lives of  all who cross her path.

ACTIVITY: If you are planting a garden with your child, consider planting some flowers, fruits or vegetables for someone else – for someone “in need.” When the flowers and vegetables ripen, take a bouquet of herbs or flowers, or a basket of vegetables  to the fire house or senior center, or half-way house, etc.



Arlington, VA

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