The Story of Noodles

The Story of Noodles, by Ying Chang Compestine with illustrations b Yong Sheng Xuan, Holiday House.  The Story of Noodles

There is a saying that if you pulled on any noodle or a string of any stringed instrument, you could unravel the history of civilization. Food, music and other elements of culture were the captured prizes of exploration. Over time, as trade routes expanded and streamlined, what was an exotic treasure becomes integrated into daily life.

Noodles are said to have originated in northern China as early as the first century C.E, and were introduced to Italy at the end of the thirteenth century by the Italian explorer Marco Polo.

Historical fact or legend?

The Story of Noodles is a rendition of how noodles were “invented”. Like many foodstuffs, this rendition leads us to believe that serendipity plays a part.

ACTIVITY: With your child, choose a few different foods in  your kitchen and research where they came from. Tomatoes, potatoes, chile peppers all reveal part of the history of civilization, through exploration, wars and serendipity.


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