Too Many Tamales



Too Many Tamales, by Gary Soto with illustrations by Ed Martinez, G.P Putman’s Sons.

What family has not had calamities? Often those calamities become stories that get retold, over the years, shared across generations.

Too Many Tamales is the calamity that happened one Christmas to Maria and her family. While making tamales, Maria stole the opportunity to put on her mother’s beautiful diamond ring. In a guilty panic, Maria thought she lost the ring while kneading the tamale masa- so she deploys all her cousins to eat all the tamales in search of the ring.

Not withstanding the sharp squeeze of guilt and panic Maria experiences; the story ends well… with a second batch of tamales,” Hey nina, it’s not so bad. Everyone knows that the second batch of tamales always tastes better than the first, right?”

ACTIVITY: With  your child, talk with family members about kitchen calamities. Did anyone ever forget to defrost the Thanksgiving turkey? Did anyone ever burn water? Did anyone ever mistake salt for sugar?? Collect the family culinary calamities.


Arlington, VA

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