Wild Boars Cook, by Meg Rosoff and Sophie Blackall

Wild Boars Cook        It can be difficult teaching children manners. Just getting the concept across can be a struggle.
After all, why should we use utensils, or  refrain from talking with our mouth full when it’s so much more fun to be “gross”!???!?

If you find yourself in such a dilemma, when your four year old goes for the gross– pick up Wild Boars Cook.

Sometimes an exaggeration is necessary to make a point, and the manners of these Wild Boars will get any child to realize how gross it is when the boars gulp, grab, smash, snatch, push, prod, choke, and chew their Massive Pudding….. in ten seconds flat!

ACTIVITY: Pantomime “making like a boar,” mimic the gross behavior seen in Wild Boars Cook. And then pantomime all sorts of other manners; how you think a Royal King may behave “at table”, how martians might dine, how men differ from women, how a clown might eat while walking on a tightrope, etc. and conclude with normal manners….. suitable for your family.


Arlington, VA

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